Directorate of Storage:

Directorate of Storage has the objectives of – Construction of Godowns, Maintenance of Government Food Godowns (GFDs), FSDs and other allied works related to such Godowns.


Construction of Godowns:

Since 2011 the F&S Deptt. undertook the initiative of augmenting storage infrastructure in the state to meet up storage requirements of direct paddy purchase from the farmers and also to implement NFSA. Directorate of Storage was entrusted by the Deptt. for construction of godowns under different schemes namely- RIDF/ WIF, RKVY,PEG and from State Plan Fund. The Directorate oversee construction of Godowns under the said schemes by PSU’s, PWD, Private entrepreneurs and co-ordinates with WB-SWC in this regard.

Maintenance of GFDs:

Directorate of Storage had the objective of maintenance of Seven (7) Government Food godowns, namely Cossipore, Lake-I, Lake-II, Dharmatala, Shalimar, Bagrakote and Dabgram (NJP). Godowns of Lake-I and Lake-II are no more utilised for storage of food grains. Space of Lake-I & Lake-II is utilised for administrative purpose. Maintenance of the balance 5 GFDs comes under the functional jurisdiction of this Directorate. Again out of the balance godowns administrative jurisdiction of Cossipore, Shalimar and Bagrakote GFDs have been transferred to West Bengal State Warehousing Corporation. GFD-Dharmatala and GFD-Dabgram are under renovation by PWD.A list of the GFDs is at Annexure – I for ready reference.

Allied works related to GFDs/ FSDs:

Issues such as Electrification of Godowns , Installation / Repair of Godowns which crop up from time to time are referred to this directorate from district level offices. This Directorate looks into the issues, co-ordinates with district offices and refers necessary ones to the F&S Deptt. along with its recommendations (Annexure-II)

Maintaining liaison with NABARD, Agriculture Deptt., FCI and PWD:

In implementing schemes under RIDF/WIF, RKVY,PEG and Plan Fund projects Directorate of Storage maintains liaison with NABARD, Agriculture Deptt., FCI and PWD. Preparation of P-formats, loan drawal applications are done at this end. The Engineer posted at this directorate takes part in joint inspections with FCI( for PEG Godowns) and NABARD Officials (for RIDF/WIF projects) as and when such events take place.