Distributor's License

New License:

Based on the reports of the concerned authorities as per provisions of WBPDS (M&C) Order, 2013, applications are invited by the licensing authority. Enquiry is conducted at the position of vacancy and recommendation as per enquiry reports are considered by the Department and vacancy is fulfilled by issuance of new license. Documents needed for submission along-with application form are:
1. Personal details like name, address, mobile number,
2. Go-down details
3. Bank-challan details
4. Possession Certificate of go-down
5. Up to date Recalibration Certificate (Legal meterology)
6. Khajna
7. Professional Tax
8. Self-Declaration

Renewal of License:

M.R Distributors are engaged and controlled by the WBPDS (M&C) Order, 2013.
In order to apply for renewal of license, the existing dealers are to follow the following procedure
1. Log in to their log-in portal through the dealer portal
2. Put in License Details
3. Provide personal details like name, address, mobile number,
4. Provide Go-down details
5. Provide bank challan details
The following documents are to be uploaded in the portal:
1. Image
2. Old License
3. Bank Challan Copy
4. Possession Certificate of the Godown
5. Trade Licence
6. Up to date Recalibration Certificate (Legal meterology)
7. P.TAX
8. Enquiry report
9. khaj
10. self declaration
For renewal of Licences click the following Click Here

Complaints Process

For any kind of complaint related to Distributor Licence, please reach us in the following way :
Grievance portal: http://helpdesk.wbfood.in
Toll free number: 18003455505 / 1967