1. What is e-Ration Card?

E - Ration Card means an individual pdf document issued by the authority under Food and Supplies Department, Government of West Bengal, for the purchase of public distribution commodities and other commodities of daily use as specified by the Government from time to time, from the fair price shops.

2. What are the basic features of the e - Ration Card?

  • e-RC shall have the same rights and privileges as Digital Ration Card.
  • All concerned authorities shall accept the e-RC at par with DRC.
  • e-RC can be verified online anytime by anyone through the embedded QR code, as well as from official website of the Deptt. by entering the e-Ration Card No.
  • e-Ration Card holder can download a copy of his e-Ration Card from the website at
  • The beneficiaries will be able to visit the Ration Shop to avail the food grains from next working day of approval.
  • The e-Ration Card holder will not be required to carry his Digital Ration Card in physical / paper format to receive food grains in a Ration Shop. He can carry a copy of e-Ration Card printed on a plain paper or show a soft copy e-Ration Card on his mobile phone to receive the food grains from the Ration Shop.

3. Who are eligible for e – Ration Card?

Beneficiaries who have linked their Aadhaar number and mobile number with their ration card are eligible for e - Ration Card.